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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Bath, First Doctor Appointment and Brenham

So much has happened in the last week since I have blogged.  For instance, we moved to Brenham on Monday! And let me just say that moving with a newborn and stitches is no small task! But we're getting there!  Some people from the church offered us their pool house to stay in until we can find something to rent and we our currently in the process of getting settled in.  This morning, we had to travel back to Houston for Josiah's two week appointment. From here on out though, he will be seeing a new pediatrician here in Brenham.

As far as the appointment goes, Josiah is doing great.  He is still nursing well and has even gained 5 ounces since his birth and he has grown 1/4 of an inch which puts him at 9 lbs. 13 oz and 21" long.

Here are some pics from the past week:

Josiah's First Bath: He didn't like it too much as you can tell! (before our move to Brenham)

First Doctor Appointment: Again, not too happy!

Some happier pics of our little guy:

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