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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just a Closer Walk with Thee

My heart just melted...Normally, when Josiah wakes up from his nap, I go and lay down with him while he drinks his juice and slowly wakes up. Today, he did not make a sound so I didn't know he was awake until his little feet came pitter-pattering into the dining room where I was doing my quiet time.  He didn't fuss or anything...He just grabbed me by my pant leg and pulled me into the bedroom to lay down with him...needless to say, this momma's heart is still in a puddle on our bedroom floor!

This simple affection shown by my sweet little boy got me thinking...It got me thinking about how my God feels or how He is pleased (sorry, I'm having a hard time figuring out what humanistic terms to use when describing a Holy God) when I come to Him just because I want to spend time with Him...because I want to know Him more...Not to come requesting anything from Him or with a complaint, but to just come...Why do we make the time to come to Him with our many prayer requests but often neglect all the other aspects of our relationship? Like, for example: digging into the meat of his word, offering prayers to Him of utter thankfulness and adoration for who He is, shouting words and songs of praise, or just marveling at the beauty of His creation and the work of His hands? Take a moment and compare how you treat your relationship with God to how you treat your relationship with your spouse...Would you only come to your spouse with only requests and complaints? Of course not, a strong relationship requires that you show each other love, affection and attention. Why should our relationship with God be any less? If anything, it should be more because we should cherish our relationship with Him above all else and anyone else. It's not until we experience a deeper walk with God and a close relationship with Him that we can truly share with others just how much the Lord has changed us...after all, you can't portray someone in the right light or even come close if you don't know that person very well yourself, can you? I pray that these words of Peter and John speak to you and cut through to the heart of things for you as they did for me...

"For we are unable to stop speaking about what we have seen and heard." (Acts 4:20)

...That is my walk so closely with the Lord that I can't help but to proclaim to all what I have seen and heard...thanks for reading!

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