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Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day {2013} and 11 Week Baby Bump

The past four weeks have been rough. Bronchitis and pregnancy do not mix very well. It has been beyond physically exhausting, which in turn, has affected my mental state as well.  So a holiday was just what I needed to get my morale back up! Valentine's Day use to be one of my least favorite holidays but now it ranks up there after Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.  I have way too much fun shopping for my guys' gifts and planning our day out. It's a good thing that my little boys could care less about crafts because if they did, well, I probably would have had ten pinterest crafts lined up to do.  If baby #3 is a girl, we are in big trouble!

Here's some shots from our day:

The cookie cake was a huge hit!

This look says it all!

I managed to salvage enough of the cake to make just a few cute cookies...

These moments are rare and hardly ever caught on camera!

One of their favorite things to do together is drive around the cemetery in daddy's truck...

Josiah was pretty excited to open his card from Gammy and Bobpa!
We prefer this meal to just about anything cooked in a restaurant!

He wasn't letting go of his gifts!

Neither was he!

Jordan had been eyeing this knife thingy for awhile...

The way to a pregnant woman's heart: Nike stretch pants, comfy socks and whoppers!


The boys wound their evening down by watching Snow White while playing with their Little People dwarves they received from mommy and daddy.

And our other little Valentine is 11 weeks and growing! That bump popped over night, I tell ya...It's funny how with each pregnancy, the bump has popped sooner and sooner...: )

I hope that everyone's day was as blessed as mine! I have so much to be thankful for!

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