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Friday, June 6, 2014

Addy Jo {9 months}

I totally over-looked Addy Jo's 8 month update because this past month was just that busy.  So I have a lot to make up for...

At 9 months, Addy Jo is:

...crawling everywhere!
...pulling up on everything! oh my!
...saying da-da a lot more than she says ma-ma....da-da when she is when she is upset...and lots of other babble
...she loves bananas, scrambled eggs, green beans, spaghetti squash noodles, and avocados
....she has two bottom teeth and two top teeth.
....still breastfeeding.
....loves her brothers so much!...they do a great job of entertaining her. And they let her play with their cars and trains.  We might have a tom-boy in the making!
...she is such a mama's girl...generally a happy girl as long as mommy is close.
...she doesn't like being held by people that she is unfamiliar with...she lets us know...loud and clear! that she is on the move, she is getting into everything!...opening the drawer to my desk, pulling stuff out....digging in my purse, etc. etc.
...loves to be outside....we rigged her up a seat on the 4-wheeler with an old car's quite safe but we still drive really slow with our precious cargo.
...loves baths and showers.
...still not loving her car seat....can't wait until we get to turn her around to forward facing! I really think that is what she hates so much about it. She's usually okay once we get going but she cries every time we put her in it.
...and of course, she is still (along with her two brothers) the apple of our eye, pride and joy, etc. etc!
We love our Addison!

And the next two pics are what we call "Addy-tude"....those tears break my heart every time!

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