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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baby Blog {14 weeks 4 days}

I am so thankful that I am feeling better now that I have entered the second trimester.  I'm still not showing very much but I'm told that is normal with a first time pregnancy.  But now that the nausea has let up, my appetite has also increased and I suddenly have a huge craving for Chinese food.  I'm still craving fruit too, but I'm trying to add in more protein because we both need the iron, especially since I am anemic. 

The one major food aversion that I have is hamburger meat.  Even the smell of it cooking makes me sick!

Jordan has been so wonderful and he is such a huge help to me when I'm too tired to clean or cook dinner.  This morning he left for Cal Poly, California for a baseball tournament.  He'll be back in three days but it always seems like an eternity when he is gone.  He truly is my best friend and will make such a wonderful dad. 

I've really been focused on praying for this baby lately.  I pray mainly that the Lord would open our child's eyes to salvation at an early age and draw our child unto Himself.  But I've also been praying for our child's future spouse, should it be God's will that he/she marries.  I want this child to grow up knowing the importance of keeping his body, heart and mind pure.  I look at the world today and I am saddened by the impure, abusive and destructive relationships that I see...and the fact that babies are having babies just blows my mind but I'm not going to get off on that soap box right now... anyway, I have an appointment coming up on March 6th and will update then!

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