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Thursday, April 14, 2011

When the baby becomes the big brother...

I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous about how Josiah would react to his new brother.  I even thought to myself that it might be safer for Eli to just stay in my tummy a little while longer! After all, Josiah has gotten all the attention to himself for all of his 19 months. Now that Eli has been here for 3 weeks, Josiah is finally starting to warm up to him...let me take you through these past 3 weeks in pictures...

Week One
As you can see, Josiah didn't want anything to do with Eli when he first arrived.  He wouldn't even hardly look at him!

Week Two

After warming up to him for a couple of days, Josiah started to acknowledge Eli a little bit (with a little coaxing). However, shortly after I took this picture, Josiah pretty much ripped Eli's hat off his was then that I decided that there would be no leaving these two in a room together by themselves for awhile!

Week Three

I took these pictures last night...It thrilled my heart to see Josiah taking an interest in his little brother without any coaxing from me or Jordan. Josiah even lays his head down gently on Eli and gives him little love pats every once in awhile.  And if you know Josiah, this is a big deal for him because he hardly does anything in a gentle manner...this next picture melts my heart...

and just because, take a look at how much Eli resembles Josiah when he was an infant...



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  1. oh wow! you have another handsome boy on your hands. Elijah is precious. And that's so sweet Josiah is warming up to him. It's tough not being the baby anymore. Hope you guys are doing well! miss you!