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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Boys {2011}

So it has just been too stinkin' hot to play outside this summer.  With temps reaching 112 degrees on some days here in Vernon, we have become homebodies.  That's right, no tan for me this summer.  My skin is as pasty as it was in January! But on some evenings, when its oh, 105 outside instead of 112 (ha ha), we make our way outside to  help daddy water the garden.

We got a late start on our garden this year and our plants are just now beginning to bare fruit...or, I guess I should say plant, not plants. Our squash plants are the only ones looking promising.  It's a miracle that they are even producing with all the odds stacked up against them--extreme heat+no rain...but we are happy to have them!

Not only do we water the garden, we also water Josiah:

And E man...well, he just chills probably thinking that his big brother is a big goober! Either that or wishing he could join him! soon enough little guy...soon enough...

So since we have been in the house a lot this summer, I've taken a bunch of pictures and videos of Josiah acting crazy and what-not...FYI: an extremely energetic, almost-two-year-old locked up in a house all day is not a good combination! See for yourself:

why yes, these are mommy's clean towels on the floor!

did I mention they were neatly folded on the table before I pulled them off?

I needed some new reading material so I decided to raid mommy's books...of course, I had to throw them all on the floor before I made my selection!

I got tired of destroying everything and decided to rest in bubby's exersaucer!

...then I decided to pester bubby...

bubby doesn't like to be, not so much! So then I decided to go back to destroying things and getting in trouble...

I tried to get as close to Bob and Larry as possible but mommy didn't like that too much...

she didn't like me climbing on her table either...

or diving off of it...

I'm realizing now that this should have been two blogs instead of one...I should have titled the second blog "A Day in the Life of Josiah"...oh well, too late now! But seriously, this child gives me a run for my money.  He has also taught me a thing or two about patience.  I am currently re-reading Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson.  (a big thank you to LouAnn) I'm reading it again as a reminder to myself that boys will be boys and I better get used to it now.  Josiah is probably only going to become, well, more like a boy, and I'm sure E will follow in his footsteps.  All I have to say is: oh boy!

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  1. I'm with ya on this heat. I could handle it with just a two year old but I can't subject my poor little 3 month old baby to such insanity. I've begun to commission some preschool teaching so that we have some newness to each day. Oh and's done up high on the kitchen counter....out of reach or it like many of my chores would be counterproductive.