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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elijah Neal {6 months}

My Little Elijah,

You are 6 months old today! You have learned so much in the last few weeks.  To my surprise, you are almost crawling already. You push yourself up on all fours and then belly flop…but you don’t give up.  Nope…you just start army crawling.  I love to sit and watch all of this transpire. 

You have also started sitting up really well...but if you get too excited and lose your balance, you topple right over like humpty-dumpty.

You are officially eating homemade baby food...well, sort's still very new to you and you try to suck it off the spoon.  So far you have had avocadoes, bananas and sweet potatoes. (and I may or may not have dipped your pacifier in a little bit of nutella.  yes, this is probably a no-no, but I felt guilty eating it in front of you and not sharing!)

Here are some other things that you have been up to:

You are finally getting some hair on the top of your head.
You love to pull and chew on mommy's hair.
Josiah is still your favorite person.
You are starting to become a cuddle bug. (you actually fell asleep right up against me for a nap yesterday!)
You've started to really like your swing all of a sudden.
Mommy finally got over her anxiety and started taking you to the nursery during church. 
You love to get in Mr. Bob and go walking with mommy and Josiah.
You like to watch Leap Frog with Josiah.
And baths/showers with daddy are the best.

Oh, and you've become majorly chunky.  And I LOVE it!

I love you so much Eli (my little doodle)!

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