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Monday, March 26, 2012

Elijah's Birthday Weekend

So for Eli's first birthday, we juggled back and forth with whether or not to throw a big birthday bash or to just keep it small and simple.  And with almost 3 years of parenting under our belt, we have learned that when the kids are young, it is best to keep things simple.  I think we made a good decision too.  My parents and grandparents drove to Lawton on Thursday night and we spent the weekend celebrating Eli's birthday together.  And of course, when they are this young, when it is one kiddos birthday, the other seems to think it is his birthday as well! So Eli AND Josiah had a great time this weekend! Oh, and eventhough we kept it small, in my mind it still needed a theme and it had to be Toy Story since that is Eli's favorite movie right now. I am so glad that we got to share Eli's big day with my parents and grandparents.  We had such a good time and the weekend went by way too fast!

(he thought that he had to blow out candles too)

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