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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Vacation {2012}

The past couple of weeks have been very busy but full of fun.  We left Friday, June 1st and headed to Little Elm, Texas where Jordan preached a mini revival and hosted a baseball camp.  After the Sunday morning service, we headed to Grapevine where we met my parents at Great Wolf Lodge.  Before I post any pictures, let me just say that that place was so much fun. I would recommend it to anyone with kiddos...great rooms, very nice employees, clean facilities, indoor/outdoor water park with very attentive life gaurds, built-in restaurants, Starbucks, giftshops, arcade, story time for the little ones, etc...It's one of those places that you can go stay at and never have to leave until checkout because your food and entertainment is all right there...pretty genius if you ask me! Oh, and they even let you bring your own food/drink into the waterpark or you can use the concession stand...that works great if you have kids with food allergies or their just picky eaters in general and you need to bring your own food.

Part of the indoor you see the green slide to the left? The boys were all about this slide.  Eli, who is not even 15 months old yet, was sliding down it all by himself!

Josiah and Bobpa had a great time floating the lazy river together!

The boys enjoyed having their daddy catch them as they came down the slide!

Do you see those two little blurs going down the slides? Yep, that would be my boys going down head first and loving it! : )

We kept on saying how much Eli looked like a turtle in his swimming outfit!

Taking a quick break for some group pictures...

Every morning and night the lodge puts on a little theatrical play and storytime for the little ones.  I love how my two are standing up while all the other kiddos are sitting down! Did you catch the sarcasm?

...picture of the boys with the forest

Do you think that I could convince Jordan to build a fort like this in our backyard? haha

...the view from our room...

...the boys enjoyed sitting in Gammy's lap to admire the view... this one!

While we were in Grapevine, we decided to check out the mall. It was know you have a big mall, when it is divided into neighborhoods! We only made it through two of like twelve neighborhoods!

The boys thoroughly enjoyed riding the carousel with Gammy!

After we checked out of the lodge on Wednesday, we decided to visit the Dallas World Aquarium before we headed to Mt. Enterprise.

The place was pretty impressive and it really was more than just an aquarium...I love the expression on my dad's face in this picture...and the way Josiah has his arms wrapped around his Bobpa is precious!

Watching Eli at the aquarium was priceless...Those chunky little fingers of his had to point at EVERYTHING!

...two of my loves...the difference in hair color cracks me up! can tell that he is just absorbing everything like a sponge!

...him too!

...Josiah had to get as close as possible to this little tree frog!

Eli felt the need to take Bobpa's hat off and put it on his own head everytime Bobpa was holding him!

...letting Gammy get some Eli lovins!

...this crab freaked me out...Josiah, not so much...

Josiah got to see his favorite animal...penguins!!!

He would have got down there with them if I would have let him!

After a three hour car ride, we finally made it to my hometown.  Eli went straight to playing in the mud...

....and Josiah headed straight for the dirt!

While there, we got to spend a lot of time with my Nana and Grandpa. Nana enjoyed getting Eli hooked on sweet tea!

The boys especially enjoyed getting to spend time with Jacob.  I use to babysit Jacob when he was around my boy's age so it was bittersweet watching him take care of Josiah and Eli. 

Josiah got the run-and-slide down pretty good!

...but I think he had more fun watching Jacob do it!

Eli reminds me so much of Jacob at this age...that could be why I kept on calling Eli by Jacob's name!

...I don't know what that face is all about but Eli loves his Uncle Steven!

...Coconut pie was a pretty good way to end the day and this blog I would say!

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