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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day Trip to Grandmommy and Papa's House

Yesterday we had our electricity cut off because our utility pole was being replaced, so we decided to beat the heat and boredom by making a day trip to Bowie to visit Jordan's parents.  We hadn't seen the boys' Grandmommy and Papa since March so the trip was much needed indeed! It was a very relaxing trip and the boys had a great time...

...walking to the playground with Grandmommy : )

...just a swingin' away...

...Josiah is trying to figure out why the slide is so hot!

...but who needs a slide when Grandmommy lets you ride her bike!

....back to thinking about that hot slide....

...Eli trying to figure out the shadows on the table...

...they love Grandmommy and Papa's couch! can't ya tell?

...Josiah knows how to give and take bye bye lovins!

...and there's nothing like being sent home with fresh salsa, spaghetti sauce and fire roasted tomatoes!

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