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Monday, September 24, 2012

paint. my new best friend...


This past week I have been keeping real busy during the boy's nap time. With paint.  I have discovered  that paint is a wonderful tool for adding a little bit of flare and newness to the decorations that are already in my possession.  Let's face it...redecorating can be extremely expensive.  But paint can provide either the subtle or drastic change that you are going for without breaking the bank.

So here is what I have accomplished this week during nap time (I hope it inspires you to go the cheap route the next time you want to change some things up in your house!)

I did not take before shots for these next few...sorry...

The canisters (above and below) were plain glass before I got ahold of them. All this update took was some primer, spray paint, chalkboard labels and chalk. 

I made the above magnetic-pen holder out of a can of corn...I love having pens/markers right there on my fridge. 

The candelabras were all black before I painted them...adding some color really livened up the living room.

The balls on the above candelabras were green, orange and creme.  The new turquoise color on them helped balance out my turquoise desk.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my projects...I've got a few more up my sleeve but I've gotta get over this hangover from the paint fumes before I tackle them!