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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Addy Jo {24 weeks}

I hit the 6 month mark last Saturday and today I am 25 weeks. It's hard to believe that I only have roughly 14 more weeks to go. This pregnancy seems like it has flown by so much faster than my other two did. I guess chasing two extremely active little boys around all day will do that!

How far along: 25 weeks

Maternity clothes: pants...I'm still getting away with regular tops and dresses...stretchy ones, anyway...

Best moment this month: Josiah and Eli kissing my belly. Josiah is starting to understand what is going on.  He'll touch my belly and say "baby" and then he'll point at Eli and say "baby".  Eventhough Eli is two years old now and not exactly a baby, I think Josiah is remembering when we brought Eli home from the hospital. He was only 19 months old at the time and didn't really understand, but he'll be 4 when Addy Jo gets here.  It melted my heart to see how gentle he was with a little 9 month old at church the other day.  Eli, on the other hand...well, let's just say that he has a different idea of what it means to be sweet.  Like, for example, he is being sweet when he picks Nelson (pet bunny) up by the ears...we're working on it...

Miss Anything: flat belly, fit legs, exercising without the extra 23 pounds, sleeping without waking up 3 times to go to the bathroom...
Movement: mostly at night when I finally sit down.  However, she has been getting the hiccups a lot lately and that is usually when I feel her during the day.  She isn't near as active as the boys were in the womb.  She'll make her little adjustments and then get really still again.  The boys were constantly kicking and punching just for the heck of it I think. The only time she gets rowdy is when I lay on one side for too long.  And she definitely prefers me to lay on my right side rather than my left.

Food cravings: CARBS! Which is horrible because I can't have a lot of food with carbs and sugar right now.  I have had a horrible go with my sugar levels with each pregnancy and with Eli I was borderline being diagnosed with gestational diabeties. If I have a soda, I get real shaky and light headed.  Because of this, my doctor sent me for an early glucose test.  I passed it but I still have to take it again in a couple of weeks just to keep a close eye on it.  If I pass it a second time, then he won't make me take it again.  If I fail it, then I will have to have the 3 hour test.  I had that one with Eli and it was HORRIBLE!

Anything making you queasy or sick: not anymore really.  That was not the case three months ago though. Everything made me queasy then and I couldn't keep anything down.  So thankful that that is over!

Have you started to show yet: ummmm....yes.  definitely yes.

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks contractions but not too often

Belly Button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Ask Jordan...I have my days, I'll put it that way...

Looking forward to: Finishing up her room! We have finished the hard stuff like scraping and painting the ceiling, painting the walls and trim, installing a new ceiling fan, etc.  Jordan even built and installed a closet unit in her room. It looks great! We had new carpet installed and I painted her crib and changing table.  Things that are left to do: darken windows... install new blinds and curtains
...order bedding...order changing pad for table...finish a few decorations that I'm working on...We're getting there!

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