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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Addy Jo {2 weeks old}

Dear Sweet Addy Jo,

As I write this, you are napping away in your swing.  It's been two weeks and two days since you were born and you have already made our world a better place.  I love to just sit and stare at your precious little face as I try to take a snapshot in my mind of your tiny little ears and nose, chubby cheeks, and those big, dark blue eyes that fight to stay awake.  I want to remember every single dimple and roll.

You are truly the definition of a "good baby" as they calm, laid back, and content.  For the first two weeks of your life, sleep and eat can define pretty much all you did.  If you weren't nursing, then you were asleep. If you weren't asleep, then you were nursing.  But the past two days you have become more alert and actually staying awake a little bit.  I'm not forcing a schedule or routine on you, just kind of going with the flow.  And for the past two days, you have mostly followed a pattern of eat, awake for a little bit, nap, repeat.  And you sleep great at night too! You wake up 1-2 times and always go right back to sleep while nursing.

I was having a problem with producing too much milk and you were getting really choked up at the beginning of each feeding, but I found that pumping a couple of ounces before each feeding remedied this and everything is great now.  Your first doctor appointment is tomorrow so I'm anxious to see how much you have grown in two weeks.

Oh, sweet girl, if there ever was a baby that was overly-loved, it is you.  Being the only girl with two older brothers, this was bound to happen.  Not only does mommy and daddy love you to pieces, but your brothers can't seem to get enough of you either.  They ask to hold you throughout the day and in the middle of being in full on play-mode, they run up to you and pat your little head gently or kiss your feet.  This heart of mine melts every time.

We love you so much Addy Jo and can't imagine life without you now!



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