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Monday, October 7, 2013

postpartum rambling

September has left us and October's welcome has brought cooler weather to Oklahoma.  Fall.  My favorite season. We have a trip to East Texas planned and it can't get here soon enough.  This time of year always makes me long for my home roots.  It never fails.  Whereas the cooler weather aches most people's previously injured bones and joints, it pulls on my heart strings and I long for my family, friends and East Texas trees.  I guess home will always be home, huh?

Or is it that "home is where you make it?" (yes, I did just use a Joe Dirt quote.) But seriously, I think it is a little bit of both.  For me, home will always be where I grew up but home is also wherever God sends our little family.  And that one is a little harder.  It takes a little more effort.  Bloom where you are planted, right?

Alright. Sorry.  I got the postpartum mushy-gushies.  Speaking girl turned one month old last week.  Not much has changed since her two week update.  She's still sweet, gaining weight and growing longer, sleeping great, and we still adore her!

The boys are doing good too.  They've been spending the majority of their time in the backyard enjoying this weather and catching "rog-rogs". (That's Josiah's coined term for a frog-I guess it's mating season?!?)

Now that mama is slowly making her way out of the newborn haze, the plan is to start back homeschooling on Monday. I'm ready.  We need some more structure around here instead of just free-play all day.  I thrive on structure and planning and list making and all that jazz.  I need some order folks! But I have to say that I have enjoyed the down time and all-day pajama days.  But it's time...time to be a little more productive!

Well, my little nursling is about to suck her fingers's pics from the last couple of weeks:

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