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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Addy Jo {6 months}

Dear Addison,

I can't believe we are already to your "half-birthday"! 6 months!?! I mean really, your last baby is not suppose to grow so fast! It's really not fair.

I feel like I have so much to say about you because at 5 months all I did was post pictures and didn't really give any updates.  SO much has happened in two months! Here's some of the milestones and random facts:

1. You are such a happy baby! So easy going...I am so thankful for that!
2. You can sit up un-supported for a few seconds (gotten so much better just in the last two days)
3. You are relatively don't make a ton of gurgling noises or chatter...complete opposite of your brothers at this age!
4. You are very inquisitive for your age! Quiet but always taking everything in with those big ole' eyes
5. When you do cry, it's heartbreaking! That bottom lip gets me and daddy every time and we come running. Yes, we are those parents!
6. Slobber....all.the.time.
7. still  breastfeeding
8. just started solid foods....I was trying to hold you off as long as possible but you were showing such an interest in food (literally grabbed a banana out of my hand the other day) that I couldn't hold off any longer. So far you have had fresh bananas, avocados, and mashed cauliflower.
9. You love baths and showers
10. You still sleep right in the middle of me and daddy at're a great cuddle bug!
11. You don't fight your sleep at all unless you are in your car seat. You're still not very fond of that thing
12. You take about 3 to 4 naps a day.  Usually one long nap (2 hours) and the rest are short (30-45 minutes)
13. constantly chewing on fingers, hands and toes...and pretty much anything you can get your little hands on!
14. You weighed in at  17 pounds and 4 ounces yesterday!...wearing 6-9 month clothing...size 2 diapers
15. Those dimples! I love them!
16. You have a "special" smile for Josiah.  There's just something about him that makes you smile differently.
17.  Eli loves to hold you.  He calls you "baby" and "Addy Yo Yo"...wonder if these nicknames are gonna stick?
18.  You and daddy have growling contests.  It's the cutest thing hearing those little growls come out of that teeny tiny mouth.
19.  You love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
20.You roll all over the living room floor.  If I turn my back for 10 seconds, you are in a completely different spot when I turn back around.
21. Your daddy changed your dirty diaper last night and put your clothes back on without putting a clean diaper on.  I discovered this when I was putting you down for the night.  We laughed really hard. Parenting three kiddos all under the age of 5 makes you lose your mind sometimes!
21.  We love you so much and we seriously cannot imagine life without you!

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