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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby Blog {8 weeks 4 days}

Today I had some routine exams and bloodwork drawn by Dr. Nguyen.  He also prescribed me some medicine for the nausea that I have been having all day, just about everyday.  As hard as it is to cope with feeling sick all day while also holding down my job at the bank, I keep reminding myself that the nausea is a good sign that my body is producing all the right hormones and that our baby is growing.

I haven't gained any weight yet but my doctor said that is normal in the first trimester.  Thankfully, I have been able to keep all of my food down.  At first, I was craving spicey foods like boneless hot wings, hot sauce and Mexican food.  But now I want fruit, fruit and more fruit! This is what my daily diet usually consists of: oatmeal, milk and fruit for breakfast, fruit and crackers for a mid-morning snack, chicken salad or a chicken sandwich for lunch, fruit for a snack, and dinner is usually something easy to pull together because I am always so wiped out after work.  Tonight your daddy bought a pizza on his way back from school because I couldn't pull myself from the couch!

My doctor also discussed having optional tests ran when I am further along to screen for down syndrome and birth defects of that nature.  Your daddy and I talked about it and we do not see a need in having it done.  It's extremely sad and makes me very angry, but many women these days have these tests ran in order to terminate the pregnancy if something abnormal shows up.  It breaks my heart! We would never even consider this as an option.  We love you and we know that you will turn out exactly as God wills. 

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