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Monday, February 28, 2011

Elijah Neal {36 weeks}

Well, today I am 36 weeks pregnant! I have an appointment tomorrow and I am going to try to convince my doctor to induce at 38 weeks. He was already planning on inducing before my due date anyways so I think he will be okay with this...hopefully.  With Josiah, I was so against being induced.  I wanted him to come on his own timing and as naturally as possible.  After going two weeks past my due date, 26 hours of labor, a vaginal birth to an almost 10 lb. baby, and 35 stitches (in a not so pleasant place), you can probably guess that my thoughts on being induced have somewhat changed! Though I would still like for Eli to come on his own, I'm not going to risk his life. I will never forget the feeling of almost losing Josiah when he was born...I can vividly remember how blue he was when the doctor was finally able to pull his stocky shoulders through...and I will never forget the relief and unbelievable thankfulness to God that I felt when the nurses finally said that his heart was beating and he was breathing...You can probably imagine how traumatized Jordan and I both were after that! We both said that we weren't having any more kids! Obviously, we had a change of heart...So here I am today, only two or three weeks away from having Eli, and I am so thankful to God for giving me a peace about this birth.  I know that He is in control and everything is in His hands...I have nothing to worry about!...

I think I'm more concerned about being outnumbered 3 to 1 than I am about the birth! haha...there's going to be way too much testosterone in this house! But I am so excited that Josiah is going to have a brother...and they will only be 19 months apart...wowzer! They are going to have so much fun making messes like this together (though, I'm sure they will be much worse):

(caught red handed!)

Boy, is my world about to change! It's just so hard to believe that we are about to have another baby and it's even harder to believe that he will be small enough to fit into this:

And it's hard to believe that he will soon be here and sleeping in this:

...and I'll be carrying size 1 diapers again in this:

...and I'll have even more laundry to do because this closet is FULL of Josiah and Eli's clothes!

...and just because, here is a picture of the boy's room:


  1. Can't wait to hear the news. We will be praying that you have a completely different experience this time.

  2. Finally figured it all out... glad to be following you now