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Friday, December 23, 2011

Elijah Neal {9 months}

Dear Elijah,

Holy cow! I seriously do not know where this past month went! All I know is that I have a 9 month old now and I'm not so sure how it happened so fast. And to think that you will be walking soon! I'm in trouble...boy, am I in trouble!

Since last month's update, you have been letting go of whatever it is you are using to hold on to while standing up...and each day your balance gets better and you can stand on your own for longer periods of time. 

We have also put you on almond milk (with your doctor's approval) because it is so much healthier for you than formula.  You really love your almond milk, too! I know that you will despise this one day but I have taken to calling you my little "tub tub" because well, you are pretty tubby right now!

Oh, and I am happy to announce that once we made the transition from the pack-n-play to the crib, you started sleeping so much better at night.  Unfortunately, you haven't been sleeping that great this past week because we have been traveling for the holidays. I think that you are going to just be one of those kids who needs to be in their own bed for a good night's rest. 

Here's some other random tid bits:

You are really loving guacamole right now....and taquitos. We discovered your love for taquitios when you snuck one off of Josiah's plate and demolished it.  
You have 4 teeth...two on top and two on bottom.

You are still in a size 4 diaper.

You want to play with whatever Josiah is playing with.
You love watching Toy Story and Veggie Tales.
 You have the cutest smile.

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