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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Coupons and Deals of the Week {2}

Well, I thought I was done shopping for this week until my friend picked me up a CVS ad and I HAD to take advantage of the deals. AND then I came across some more coupons for Walgreens and decided to add to my stockpile.  AND then I found out that Country Mart released their new ad on Wednesdays and they were having a fantastic sale on some of the food items that we use. 
1. CVS
My Total: $6.43
Total Saved: $17.48



My Total: $11.33
Total Saved: $13.14
3. Country Mart

My Total: $16.35
Total Saved: $23.70
Grand Total from all 3 Stores: $34.11
Total Saved at all 3 Stores: $54.32

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