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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Elijah Neal {2nd Birthday}

Dear Elijah,

Just two short years ago, you entered our world and brought so much joy with you. From the very beginning your big ole personality shown bright and it just keeps getting bigger and brighter with each passing day...

I love to watch you dance around the room whenever you hear music.  And the way you look at me and daddy to make sure that we are watching...precious. And the way you and Bubby grab hands and spin in circles just melts my heart.

Did I mention your smile yet? It lights up a room. Literally. You seriously have the cutest toddler teeth that I have ever seen.

You are usually the first person to wake up in this house.  You are our little alarm clock...a creature of habit, you are. As soon as you wake, you come get me out of bed and pull me to the fridge to get your sippy cup of almond milk.  Then we cuddle for a little while longer in the bed before you pull me into the living room, point at the television, and say, "George!" or "Sheep!" (Curious George and Shaun the Sheep)

Like your brother, you are a slow talker,but you are starting to connect words a bit. Your most repeated words are Da-ye (daddy), pup pup, car, ball, ma (that's what you call your pacie),jew (for juice and milk) and shoe. It's your understanding of what we say that is most impressive. After we change your diaper, we hand you the old one and say "trash please", and off you go to put it in the trash.

Your favorite foods are Chili's hot sauce and chips, mommy's chicken tortilla soup, sweet peas, corn and icecream. You are such a foodie.

You LOVE to play outside! And if you spot a puppy, cow or horse while playing outside it thrills your little heart.

You STILL have the highest pitched scream that I think I have ever heard. You alternate the sound of this ear piercing scream when you are upset, excited or just plain bored and feel the need to get everyone's attention.  It works.

Tonight while I watched you as you fell asleep, I thought to myself "I wish I could just freeze this moment and re-visit it when you are grown." But then I was reminded of Solomon's writings in Ecclesiastes:

"A generation goes and a generation comes,
but the earth remains forever.
 The sun rises and the sun sets;
panting, it returns to its place
where it rises."

...such words of wisdom and truth that remind me even more to be thankful for every moment and to truly count my blessings so graciously given from God. So as your eyes grew heavy and your glow-in-the-dark pacifier shown bright against the dark room, I held your little hand as your other hand traced my face and twirled my hair. And I prayed and thanked God for my little two year old boy who after many rising and setting suns, will one day be doing the same with his own baby, Lord willing. "A generation goes and a generation comes..."

But I pray more than anything, Elijah, that your daddy and I will be constant reminders of God's grace. I pray that you will be able to see that grace lived out in our lives everyday and that your eyes will be opened to His saving grace. Because even more important than generations going and coming, is the fact that Jesus came and will come again. Will you walk that narrow road and follow Him? Oh, how I pray that you will!

I love you E-man. Daddy, Mommy and Bubby have enjoyed celebrating your day today!



Our plan was to take you to the zoo for your big day but it ended up being way too windy and cold. (We'll try again this next weekend) So we went to the store instead to let you pick out some toys with your birthday money. 

You ended up with more cars to add to your collection. I saw this coming before we even got to the toy aisle!

Then we ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for your birthday.  You were pretty impressed with all the televisions in there and not to mention the basketball goal right above your head. 

For dinner, mommy fixed one of your favorites: pizza!

And because you prefer icecream over cake, well, that is what we got!

Josiah was pretty excited about all the excitement!

Josiah hates icecream so he decided to try the candle instead!

Who would have thought that a candle would make such a great spoon?

And it just wouldn't be a good birthday without getting into the Vaseline and rubbing it all in your hair!

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