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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Addy Jo {26 week ultrasound}

My Dear Addison,

It's 3:30 AM and I am wide awake thinking about you.  The hail hitting our metal roof may have had something to do with me waking up.  And then I felt you kicking as if to let me know that you could hear it too.  So now we are keeping each other company...just like we will be doing in just a couple of months! Unless, you decide to be one of those rare babies who sleep through the night from the moment they are brought home from the hospital.  But I'm not counting on it! I'm sure we are going to have many middle-of-the-night nursing sessions together.  We'll get through it together, okay? : )

Addy Jo, even before we found out your gender, I knew this pregnancy was different.  Alike in may ways to my pregnancies with your brothers, but different at the same time.  Mommies have a special connection with their little boys.  And Mommies have a special connection with their little girls.  Both equally special, but different in their own ways. I think I have felt that different connection from the moment I found out that I was pregnant with you.  And when we found out back in March that you are a little girl, I was thrilled. I'm so thankful that God has given me the gift of being able to experience both worlds.  I can't wait to do all the things with you that my mom did with me...and things we still do...things that she has taught me...things that she is still teaching me.  Just thinking about it makes me beyond excited and anxious to meet you little one. 

There are three other people who are ready to meet you too...Daddy, Josiah and Eli...Your daddy is already talking about the measures he is going to take to protect you....those measures may involve guns...he just loves you so much.  Remember that when you are a teenager!

And Josiah...I love that he understands what is going on this time around.  He was only 19 months when Elijah was born and it surprised him (and overwhelmed him) when we brought Eli home at first. But he will just have turned 4 when you get here (unless you come early).  Every night after bath time, we all cuddle on the couch together.  Josiah usually ends up with his hand on my belly.  He has even felt you kick! So now when I ask him, "where is the baby?", he puts his hand on my belly and says "bebe".  It melts my heart! I can tell already that he is going to be a good big brother.

And Eli...oh Eli! I'm sure you will be saying those words a lot eventually.  Your two year old brother is...well, he has A LOT of personality.  He is going to love you so much but is going to have a hard time showing you that love while being gentle at the same time.  We are experiencing that with our pet bunnies right now.  He wakes up talking about them and has to tell them goodnight before going to bed each night.  He LOVES them.  But his love manifests itself in really tight squeezes... and other things... Will he be more gentle with you? I hope so! If not, he will just have to learn, won't he? Last night I asked him where the baby was and he started rubbing my belly...those soft rubs turned into love "pats" really fast...kind of hard "pats"....we will get there!

Addy, can you tell how excited we are to have you join our family? It's true what they say about having enough love to go around.  After having one child and loving him so much, you wonder how you will have enough love left to give another child.  But God is amazing like that! He just multiplies that love...He fills you with all the love you will need to pour out on each child.  And I'm constantly praying that God will give us wisdom and discernment in knowing the best ways to show you that love...that He will equip us to parent you with grace, patience and humble hearts.  Just like your brothers, we pray that He will take hold of your heart at a young age and that you would follow after Him.  I pray that we will teach you how to do this by living it out daily in our own lives.  I love you sweet girl!



Some neat things from the ultrasound today:

*Addy is weighing in at 2 lbs 8 oz already!
*she has long arms and legs! These measurements are pushing her overall average one week ahead of her due date. Everything else is measuring right around 26 weeks.
*she has chubby cheeks : )
*big feet (no surprise there)
*still no hair!
*she is in the head-down position (hopefully where she will stay!)
*she is a thumb sucker...

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