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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Pet(s) Experience

We have wanted to get the boys a pet for awhile.  We would have loved to have gotten them a dog but we decided on something a little easier to manage right now.  A bunny. Jordan named him Nelson. Josiah named him Delson. And Eli named him Bu-yee.

We bought him roughly two months ago from Atwoods when he was only a couple of weeks old and he really was the sweetest bu-yee ever.  The boys fell in love with him fast and treated him just like a puppy.  I think Nelson actually thought he was a puppy.  We let him roam around our backyard during the day and would put him back in his cage at night. Even when he crawled his way under our fence, he would stay right by the fence, never wandering very far from the shelter of the propane tanks. For the first two weeks after we brought him home, he spent a lot of time in the house.  He wasn't using the bathroom much at all so I didn't have a problem with it.  But then a switch must have flipped because after that, all he did was poop and pee...constantly! So then he became mostly an outside rabbit. But when we opened the door, he would come running into the house just like dogs do.  He was a pretty neat pet.

You might have noticed that I'm writing about Nelson in past tense.  That is because Nelson is no longer with us.  I think we got a little too lax with him.  Because he never ran off and stayed close to the house when he wasn't in his pen, we gave him too much freedom. And one day last week, he either got brave enough or just plain tired of Eli's "lovins" and ran away.  At least, I like to think that is what happened and that he didn't get eaten by anything.  I'll just keep picturing him now frolicking in the field with all the other bunnies behind the church. Yes, I like that mental picture much more than the ulterior.

We will miss our Nelson...


.....yes, we will miss Nelson, BUT we are happy to welcome Dots and Hershey to the family! Paula and I ran to Atwoods on Monday while the boys were napping and surprised them with two new bunnies when they woke up.  They were so excited!


Now we have to get those holes patched up in the backyard fence before we lose these guys too!

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