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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Addy Jo {3 months}

Dear Addy Jo,

Yesterday you turned 3 months old on my 26th birthday.  You're not suppose to be growing this fast! Okay, maybe you are....and it is fun seeing you learn and discover new things, but part of me wants to keep you my little baby girl forever.  But I know that's not possible so I'm gonna take as many pictures of you now as I can!

One of the things that you have learned to do since my last update is rolling over from your tummy to your back.  And you are *this* close to rolling over from your back to your tummy.  You have also started to try to grasp things with your hands.  It's like everything is starting to click for you at once!

You also LOVE to be talked to.  That little smile of yours' spreads from ear to ear and those dimples melt my heart.

Did I mention that you are almost sleeping through the night? You have yourself a nice little 7-9 hour stretch during the night before waking up to nurse and then going right back to sleep.  Your mama is very grateful for this!

We are all looking forward to celebrating your first Christmas with you!

I love you little one!