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Thursday, May 29, 2014

My, Oh May

May has been full to the brim.  I feel like we have been trying to catch our breath the past few weeks.  At the first of the month we were gone for several days visiting family, attending a homeschool conference, and an adoption fundraiser.  We came back to Lawton and hit the ground running with graduations, funerals, Jordan's basketball games, Josiah's therapy appointments, and the day in and day out duties of homeschooling, pastoral duties, wife and mommy duties, and husband and daddy duties.  And since we got back from traveling, at least one of us has been sick! We have each had our own turn and it hasn't been easy.  Addy has also been teething again and she has been the worse teether out of our three kids. : (

Did I mention that we got the kids a puppy? He is a lab and super cute.  We named him Huck and we love him!

And to make things even more crazy, Jordan has been gone this week to Arlington taking a seminary class.  It's a 16 week class that has been crammed into 4 days. I decided to stay here in Lawton with the kids.  It wasn't exactly an ideal time to take it but it was his only option to graduate with his second master's degree by this December.  And then on to his doctorate! We will both be so relieved when his schooling is complete.

I also started up a women's bible study in our home, which I am so excited about, but it has added to my already full plate.  But I know that if it's God's will, he will give me the strength and the ability to lead it. : )

As crazy as this life is (especially this month), I am so very thankful for it! God has blessed us abundantly and to be able to honor Him in return with our time is the least we could do. As busy as it has been, we have also made some time to just hang out and relax.  So that is the pictures that I will post with this just relaxing.

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