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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Journey with Josiah {4}

Josiah will turn three come August.  I sure did think that he would have been talking by now. And goodness knows that I have tried so hard to get him to....from diets, to speech therapy, to supplements, different doctors, etc. (you can read about these avenues that we have explored in my three previous posts titled "Journey with Josiah") The gluten free diet that we had him on was unrealistic for us.  It was too hard and too expensive to see as little results as we were seeing. Also, he made no improvement from the speech therapy that he received for several months.  And the supplements and detoxification? Well, shortly after we moved to Lawton, Josiah got sick with the flu and for a few days, he couldn't keep anything down. We had been dissolving his supplements and detoxosode in water and adding the mixture to juice and he took this without a problem....until he got sick.  Once he was finally able to keep food and liquid down again, he refused to take his juice "mixture" and to this day he still refuses...forcing it down him makes him upset, gag and throw up. 

So what's the next step?

To enjoy him.... 

This age is so fleeting and it seems like I have spent the last year doing more worrying about him than I have spent enjoying him.  So much time, energy and money has been used to explore so many different avenues....avenues that I have ventured down just because they have helped other children and not necessarily because God wanted me to.  So right now I am doing what God wants me to do. I am casting this burden completely on Him and trusting that He will give Josiah a voice in His own time. If He tells me to try something different, I will, but in the mean time, I'm going to focus on the joy that Josiah brings to my life...I'm going to focus on how smart he loving he has become with his hugs and fast he climbs up in his eating chair when he sees me fixing his he runs straight for his bed when we say "night night time" he has a favorite new toy every he runs and jumps with so much excitement when he is playing he tries to tap dance like the penguins on Happy Feet...I could do on and on.  I am so blessed to be Josiah's mommy. 

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