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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Resurrection Day {2012}

On April 1st, our church had its egg hunt. This was the first egg hunt that both of our boys had ever participated was very special watching them figure it all out. Eli figured it out realy quick and was practically throwing the eggs in his basket...then he would sit down on the ground and take a break...then he was at it again! (oh, and I would like to mention that Eli's lunch found its way all over his shirt which is why my pasty, little read head is hunting eggs without a shirt...I've gotta start remembering to take his shirt off when he eats)

Watching Josiah hunt eggs was pretty entertaining.  He would gather up as many eggs as his two arms could carry...but instead of putting them in his basket, he would dump them in a pile and gaurd over them. We tried to put some of his eggs in his basket but he just took them back out...

This past Sunday (8th) was actually Resurrection Day. We had a great day celebrating our risen Savior.  The message that the Lord spoke through Jordan was truly amazing, the boys enjoyed their goodies (Tarzan dvd, Leap Frog dvd, books, and bath letters), and we had a great lunch with a dear, sweet lady in our church. 

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