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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Elijah Neal {5 Months}

So I woke up this morning wondering where my newborn went...has 5 months really passed by this quickly? What a sweet reminder you are of how precious life is and how quickly it passes.  You have changed so much this past month.  You no longer need to be in mommy's sight every waking minute and you are building tolerance to be able and sit in your exersaucer watching your big brother play and watching VeggieTales(The Ultimate Silly Songs). He even stops his work/playing to help you out when you get too excited and lose your pacifier. Though you are unique in all your own ways, there is still so much about you that reminds me of Josiah at this age. You have that same energy that he are NEVER still...nope, not even when you nurse.  I just want to tell you to stop, slow down and just be my little baby.

Some other changes/milestones:

You are rolling all the way over like a pro now...and by the grin on your face I would say that you are pretty proud of yourself!

We tried to give you some homemade baby food a couple of weeks ago, but you weren't quite ready...we will try again soon. 

Your new favorite toys are your feet.  And you love to get those little chicken nugget-like toes into your mouth. 

You have definitely discovered your vocals and exercise them constantly.  Your daddy and I think that you sound like a baby teradactyl when you is ear piercing!

Your favorite person is Josiah.  Your little eyes follow him everywhere and I catch you smiling at him often.  When he comes near to you, you try your best to grab him...especially his nose and hair.  He doesn't like this very much, but every once in awhile, when he is feeling sweet, he will give you a hug...a rough hug, but a hug none the less!

Also, I have never seen a 5 month old get as frustrated as you do over not being mobile.  Josiah was bad, but you are worse.  You want so much to be able to crawl and pick up everything in sight.  When we put you on your tummy you look like a little inch worm trying to get somewhere. 

Did I mention how unpredictable you are? Unlike your brother, you have resisted any type of schedule/routine since you were born pretty much.  I'll even watch your body language closely and form a routine from's not like I'm just making up some random schedule.  You'll stick to this routine for a few days  and then out of nowhere you throw me a curve ball and everything changes.  I cannot even begin to explain how frustrating this has been. Your momma is a planner and loves to have a schedule.  I guess you are going to be the one to remind me constantly that it's okay to be spontaneous and just go with the flow.  So just like you, your momma is constantly learning. 

And I could never forget this one:  You started sleeping through the night! So yesterday, we decided to ween you from the swaddle.  You didn't like this too much and woke up several times last night.  I'm sure just like anything, this will take some time and pretty soon you will be sleeping through the night again...I sure hope anyway!

I love you so much doodle. 

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