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Friday, August 26, 2011

Josiah Neal {2 years}

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!

Dear Crazy Josiah,

You are two today! And what a wonderful two years they have been.  Crazy, but wonderful! And don't worry, you have totally lived up to the two-year-old expectation of well, being a two-year-old.  Where as most toddlers don't reach the so called "terrible twos" until around age two, you have been in this stage and haven't budged an inch for at least 6 months! So I'm thinking that since you entered this stage early then maybe you will grow out of it faster too.  When pigs fly, right?

Oh, Josiah. I find myself saying that a lot! You surprise me everyday with some new stunt that leaves me fearing for your very life.  You have no fear, whatsoever. Although you are not yet as advanced in terms of talking as some two-year-olds, you move, jump and climb better than most three-year-olds I have seen.  Just the other day, I witnessed for the first time you jumping off the staircase.  And by the way you mastered it, it would seem like that wasn't the first time that you had done it!

Today I watched the video from your first birthday and I couldn't believe how much you have changed in just one year. A year ago you were walking and today you are running, jumping, and climbing.  Your curiosity makes me smile. And scares me sometimes too.  I pray that you will keep that same hunger to know more throughout know the Lord more.  I pray that he will capture your little heart and mind at a young age.  I pray that he will equip your mommy and daddy to teach you in the ways you should go.  Happy Birthday little man!

Here you are at two:

your army of "babies"...this is just some of have them in cubby holes all over the house! Oh, and you never leave home without both hands full of them.

notice how your blocks are all correctly arranged! are very OCD about this! get that from your mommy no doubt!

Daddy loves you!

Mommy loves you!

Eli loves you!

The cutest two year old I know!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Julia, He is totally adorable! Happy 2nd
    Birthday, little man!

    Love from Aunt Brenda's friend in Texas!
    Carolee Botkin